Pets are welcome
at The Pic the l'Aurore
(Dogs only)

Reservation with pets are only accepted
if made by phone or on our Reservit reservation
system with a note in the comment section stating
the race and weight of your dog

Motel room no pets
Studio and apartment no pets
Chalet (max 1) ) max.  32 Kg  (70 Lb)
House (max 1) max.  32 Kg  (70 Lb)


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In order to provide the finest traveling experience to our guests who are allergic to pets, we have designated rooms and chalets for pets. It is of the up most importance that you informed us of your intention to bring your pets when you make your reservation and when checking in.
How well you and your companion behave on the property directly affects the way future furry travelers will be treated. Always clean up after your pet and keep him under your control.




•Presence of a pet must be mention at time of reservation.

•There is a 75 $ taxable one time fee per stay. A potential maximum refund of 50 $ could be applied depending on the intensity of the cleanup that we have to do because of the presence of your animal in the unit.

•Keep your pets leashed when they are outside of your lodging unit to guarantee the safety of other guests and also your animal.  Keep in mind that other animals live in the forest.

•Your pets should never be left alone or bother other clients with their barking.

•If you are confident that your pet will not disturb other guests with noise and decide to leave it alone, you will have to crate it.

•Your pet should be removed during housekeeping.

•Clean up after your pet immediately, inside the room, and outdoor, and leave no trace of him behind when checking out. You must pick up the « little  souvenirs » that your pets  may have left behind on the property or risk a taxable 25 $ charge per day. Dispose of litter and other « accidents » properly in the small wood containers on the property.

•The bed’s linen and furniture must not be used for the pets and an extra taxable amount of 25 $ per piece of linen or furniture fabric will be charged if cleaning is required.  If your pet insists on sleeping on the furniture, bring a bedspread or sheet from home and place it on top of our furniture and bedding.

•You are also financially responsible for the cleaning or repair of any other damages and must notify management accordingly.

•The bathtub must not be used for your pet.


Restriction in Perce

Saint Bernard are not authorized ay the Pic de l'Aurore/strong>

Prohibited throughout the MRC du Rocher Perce territory: bull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, american bull terrier, american staffordshire and hybrid dog of the pitt bull or rottweiller.

Tour operators will not allow your dog on their boats, you have to be informed that Parcs Quebec do not allow access to pets on the Bonaventure Island or the region surrounding the Perce rock.

Since you are responsible for any damages to the property or inconvenience to other guest caused by your pets, we recommend the use of a professional pet sitter for activities that require a separation from your four-legged companion.

There is no restriction on pets at the Forillon National Park of Canada.

Pet sitter

Salon de Toilettage et Gardiennage BIBIBILL
134 Route du Moulin
Grande-Rivière G0C 1W0

Maison du chien chantant
Gaspé G4X 2X8

Please verify that the commercial liability insurance and services provided are up to your expectations.

Veterinary clinics

In the unlikely events that your pet needs medical attention, the following is a list of nearby animal clinics. This is not to be construed as a certification or an endorsement of these service providers.

Clinique Vétérinaire de Chandler
 199 Commerciale east

Clinique Vétérinaire de Gaspé
  279 De Sandy Beach


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